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Brookside is produced by Mersey Television, and is Copyright Mersey Television 1982 -1998.

Brookside Soapbox is a privately run site and has no connections to Mersey Television or Channel 4 Comments regarding the production of Brookside should be directed to: Brookside, Mersey TV, Chidwall Abbey Road, Liverpool L16 0JP. Information is sourced mainly from various TV listings magazines and no infringement of any copyright is intended.

About Brookside

Brookside was a Television soap filmed in Liverpool aimed at showing life as it was, and shown on Ch 4 with story lines based on real life situations covering many controversial issues including Drug Abuse, Date Rape, Incest, Domestic Violence,Bulimia and Religious cults e.t.c. Help-lines were sometimes shown at the end of theprogramme. The first episode was shown on the 2nd November 1982 and instead of filming in a studio six real houses were brought. There was also a shopping precinct called Brookside parade and Brookside Comprehensive school. The name Brookside was chosen because there is a brook that runs alongside the close.

There were a mixture of characters in the programme of all ages and from various life styles. Each character had a real personality so that people could watch that person and relate to similar events in their own lives shown on the programme. The main Characters revolved around several families The Dixons, The Murrays, The Corkhills, The Shadwicks and The Johnsons. The young actors were natural as not all had been to stage school before they performed on Brookside.

The final episode was shown on November 4th 2003

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